Thanks for visiting my portfolio!

Who am I?

I'm Noah Kay - a visual, motion, and everything in-between designer. I'm based in the San Francisco Bay Area (where I've been all my life).

What am I about?

I'm very interested in design as a means to guide human behavior. I have an Associates Degree in Psychology that I didn't even mean to get, I just took so many classes on the subject that I ended up with one! As a person who is very organizational by nature, being able to combine this interest in psychology with with data driven design choices is very appealing to me.

On the flip side I also love bold graphics, dramatic typefaces, and striking textures. I'm very influenced by romantic era artists as well as modern design trends, so having those more dramatic elements embedded in designs built off of structure gives them that extra spice I think they need to stand out.

What do I do?

I'm a Visual Designer at The RealReal, where I've been working since the beginning of 2019. I've worked on improving and evolving the brand through web design, motion graphics, campaign development, and about a billion other things!

I'm also a part-time UX designer for Comida for Familias, a non-profit focusing on bringing food and resources to those in need. I'm leading a team designing a service to help connect food pantries to both those who need help, and volunteers who want to help.

Site design info for nerds?

I spend way too much time trying to figure out how people make their super cool websites so that's why I'm adding specs for things I'd want to know!

Platform this was built on?


Header animation?
Also Webflow! It's a timed page load animation.

Custom code?
None (thank goodness).


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