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The final piece of work made in my capstone design class, a book holding the previous 3 projects: a folding booklet, a poster, and a brand book.
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Editorial Design
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3 projects in 1, this book is the culmination of the work I did during the previous 6 weeks.

Project 1: Building Awareness

For the first project, we were paired up with another student and asked them a series of questions about their relationship to water. My partner was Japanese and had a powerful experience almost drowning as a child.

I incorporated Japanese sumi ink through in both the wavelike texture on the back of the booklet and in the two hands I drew. I mixed this with a photograph of water that I took. The grasping nature of the hands was meant to call upon her drowning experience.

Incorporating a quote was a project requirement, so I picked an old Japanese saying; "Wake from death, and return to life."

Project 2: Discovering the Relationship Between Design and Human Experience

The objective for the second project was to create an abstract visualization of our inner growth as a designer. Part of this experience was to come up with a kind of mantra for us. We meditated on defining experiences that shaped our perspective on what it means to be a designer. Looking inward was a difficult yet rewarding experience to discover why I wanted to design, and for what purpose.

For the representation, I used an ink wash which I inverted and then layered over a photograph of myself. I wanted to create a visual involving a sort of "inner glow" to represent a sense of awakening.

Project 3: Leveraging Life Intentions into Organizational Intentions

Lastly, the third project was a group project, with the objective to create a non-profit centered around water. I led a team of 4 other designers to build a concept around the idea of using techniques to preserve and utilize water from methods found on extraterrestrial bodies and in space.

I designed the logo (brandmark and area of isolation), ripple story, and assisted with the site design and content map. I also laid out the book.

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visual design

I built a home for all the custom curated home & art pieces that we source and the curators that we work with at The RealReal
Web Design
The RealReal
The showcase book for a photography exhibition based around capturing an idea. It holds the work of 30+ student photographers and artists.
Editorial Design
A logo for an AI powered software designed to control temperature in buildings
Logo Design

motion design

An ongoing collection of experiments and exercises from my self-taught motion design journey (more on my IG)
Motion Design
Passion Project
Assorted motion design work I have done at The RealReal. It ranges from promotional material, to campaigns, to Instagram stories.
The RealReal
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